Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye Saatchi & Saatchi

  • I will miss this place...
goodbye breakfast
goodbye lunch... where I tried chicken feet - gross
goodbye presents... very nice presents :)
This is the image that we used on our "thank you" cards to everyone at work.

Last Nights in Hong Kong

  • Savva Bar & Restaurant has gorgeous views from its 180 degree balcony... but is very expensive - that's why we went with our CEO ;)
(we are the group of people on the right)
Anthony, the CEO, making fun of me for not knowing who Laurel and Hardy are/were...
(Everyone in the office loves to remind me of how young I am.)

Monday, July 27, 2009


  • If Hong Kong is "The Big Apple of Asia" then Macau is "The Sin City of Asia"
  • We gambled at The Venetian (the largest single structure in Asia and the 4th-largest building in the world)
  • Went to see Cirque Du Soleil - Zaia
  • And wandered through the old Portuguese city's churches, fortress, and cemetery.
  • Overall - I enjoyed seeing the old city much more than the casinos... it's impressive but nothing can compare to the lights on the Las Vegas Strip
the largest casino floor in the world - 550,000 sq ft... 3400 slots & 800 tables
Chris won a little cash... I lost a little...
the mall looks EXACTLY the same as the Venetian in Vegas
the old city...
...well, mostly old.
um... gross. Dried gooey slabs of meat
Nothing was worse than our hotel. NEVER go to the patched up, sheet stained, overpriced Hotel Central...
it may have a good location but it is not worth it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 Nights, 7 Bars

  • Fellow creative, Andrew June, took us out for a night with the boys (I was the only girl... and Chris was the only guy interested in girls ;) )
  • We went for all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet at Izakay Daikichi with friends
  • BAR #2: Red - This bar is attached our friends Pure Gym... having a friend with a "membership" is key. Membership = discounts & vouchers :)
  • BAR #3: Tivo - cool design and good champagne
  • BAR #4: Finds - silly decor... white boas and crystal everywhere, nice porch though
  • BAR #5: Lei Dou - cool relaxed lounge with many comfy couches
  • BAR #6: Balalaika (Vodka Shot Room) - This picture explains it all
  • BAR #7: Azure - Steak with a view by day, Party with a DJ by night...

Rooftop Dinning

  • Best lunch break ever... WoolooMooloo
  • Who new there was a steak place with a view 1 block from work in Wan Chi... But I would not recommend the food (our Medium fillets were bloody) but a great place for drinks. I want to go back at night.
my apartment is smack in the middle of this view

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Philippines

Memories of...
People here smile more than anywhere else in the world
Chris went scuba diving twice... I must get certified...
View from my $5 per/night window... amazing
View from the water in front of our hotel
They Catch, You Choose, They Grill, You Eat... all in a within a few hours. Amazing
5:30am Dolphin "Hunt"
Tarsier Monkeys
Chocolate Hills
Weather can change within one hour here...
Best mango ever. (I had someone else peel - I wouldn't go near that thing after my allergic reaction mishap...)
...but i did eat Mango Shakes & Pancakes. Yum.
There are a variety of transportation methods in The Philippines...
1 US dollar = 47 Philippine Pissos.... This bottle of rum costs 60 Pissos.... think about it.