Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Future of Wine Tasting

  • A group of us decided to go after work Tuesday (since Wednesday was going to be a holiday)
  • We went to this unique wine bar called Tastings...
  • How it works is you get this "credit card" when you walk in. Then you go up to the wall of wine, put your card in and decide to have a taste, 1/2 a glass, or a full glass (prices are accordingly figured - so in theory you could keep testing different wines until you find exactly the one you want...
  • Pretty interesting place. A bit pricy... but that's why you go with colleagues who "feel bad" for the interns on a budget ;)
  • After wine we went to the dance club Play where copywriter Andrew had the hook up... It was a long night... but a really good night.

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