Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Weekend in Hong Kong

  • Could barely get out of our apartment in the morning because 4 teenage Muslim girls were giggling while eating fruit in our stairway. :)
  • Ate fresh mangos (which we peeled ourselves) and chinese donuts (much much better than American donuts) from the fresh farmer's market and bakery on our street
  • Took the 30 cent ferry over to Kowloon.
  • Went to the Hong Kong Museum of Art for the Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation exhibition... saw some great video art.
  • Grabbed Starbucks - where we ran into people from work... first time we "ran into" people we know in the city! - Starting to feel like we live here
  • Took the MTR up to the wet markets... Went to the flower market, bird market, and gold fish market. Then on our walk back we randomly wondered into a reptile store - hundreds of snakes, lizards, turtles, and tarantulas
  • Back to time square for dinner. Thai food. I chewed on a red pepper and almost died. - however had the best banana bread pudding ever.
  • Recovered from our big night out
  • Wondered around Time Square - Apparently up until now we had only seen a small fraction of our neighborhood.
  • Went to a great book store called Page One - had the best collection of design books I've ever seen
  • Walked around the 12 story mall
  • Got lost on the way to Grappas Cellar to watch 6 bands imitate Michael Jackson (but we were saved by the free computers/internet in the MTR stations).
  • Ate delicious Italian food while listening from everything from a acapella group to a jazz band interpret Michael.
  • After work we went to the regional finals for squash (that we randomly found on - where we find many of the random things we go to :) )
  • Then headed to a friend of a friend from work's Rooftop Birthday Party at Goccia Ristorante e Bar.
  • Met some fun people... drank a lot... ended up at a gay bar. Oh, Hong Kong... Crazy times.


  1. waahhhh hebat alias bagus banget tuh. jadi pengen berlibur ke hongkong

    so nice,i want its

  2. Beautiful photos!! That pet store is unbelievable!!

  3. so jealous of the passion for creation show. SO jealous.