Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful China: Guilin

  • Guilin is known for it's unique scenery that has inspired artists for centuries. - Think ancient vertical silk screens... those mountains that seem so steep, stacked, and lush... well, they're real.
  • When you visit Guilin you must do two things:
  • 1. boat along the Li Jiang River (preferably a Bamboo raft - the big boats go further but are less interesting)
  • 2. bike though the country side (in our case - electric... which i STRONGLY recommend - it's beautiful, but hot and far)
  • We stayed a night in Guilin and the next night in Yangshuo - the small town down the river... a tourist trap, but quaint none-the-less.
  • Also we visited the Water Cave in Yangshuo... which was by far the coolest cave I've been to. HUGE and completely dark (none of that artificial "disneyland-like" lights that most cave use) - oh and the mud pools and natural hot springs baths were pretty cool too ;)
  • BIG SHOUT OUT to our two new travel Companions Loer and Zach... without Loer's chinese skills and social-butterfly personality we A) would have been lost where no one speaks English and B) would have been ripped off at every turn.

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