Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Other Side

  • Surprisingly Hong Kong is much more than a cement jungle... it has many beautiful protected forests and beaches.
  • It took us less than an hour on the metro & mini bus to get to this alternate Hong Kong for the weekend.
  • The port was still full of bustling people... but once we took a boat out into the wilderness it was very peaceful.
(Our new homeboy William)
  • We spent our weekend at Pak Lap - a small remote beach that we hiked to.
  • It was surprisingly difficult to get to because we had trouble finding the trailhead (which resulted in many war-wounds and a scary moment in a wild-boar den) But we made it there alive.
(Pak Lap)
(Trail #1 - incorrect)
(Trail #2 - correct)
(Consequence of Trail #1)
(Worth it)
(You can't see the city... but you still know it's there)
(Our new friends)

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  1. hey! we had a full moon here this weekend too!! ;)