Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Peak

  • We went up to The Peak for sunset after work Wednesday... it was the clearest day in two weeks (rain and pollution usually make it hard to see). Gorgeous sunset with perfect warm and windy weather.
  • And a nice couple sitting next to us gave Chris a Cuban cigar... for free.


  1. We think we can see your apartment... love, Steve and Diane...

  2. He thinks he can see your apartment... love, Steve and Mom

  3. we are pretty sure we don't see your apartment... but never very good at finding waldo either.
    how's your face doing?... your photo brought back memories here -- another possible cause might be the mango you ate a couple posts ago..... did you know that the skin and pit of mangos can cause allergic reactions that look a whole lot like your picture! two of your aunts (susie and gayle) have experienced this and neither one will ever again suck on the pit of a mango, or even peel it without rubber gloves on!! the meat of mango doesn't seem to cause any problems though -- just a thought....
    love you, linda & gayle