Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Angkor Wat / Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • City of Angkor, Cambodia is the site of over 1,000 ancient Hindu/Buddhist temples... over 200 hundred are still intact.... and about 10 big boys that over 2 million tourist visit annually.
  • We only had one day in this alternate universe, but it was more than worth the trip.
Our (1 day) Itinerary
  • 4:30am Sunrise at Angkor Wat - world's largest religious monument
  • Bayon - over 52 towers of giant faces
  • Prasat Kravan - Small all-brick temple with relief sculptures carved directly into the brick
  • Ta Prohm - trees, hundreds of feet tall, grow right out of the walls (where Angelina's Tomb Raider was filmed)
  • Banteay Srei - 10th century carvings that are in perfect condition
  • Baphuon - A huge temple under reconstruction... with a big reclining Buddha
  • East Baray - eroding yet magnificent brick temple with great views of the surrounding rice patties and jungle
  • 5pm Sunset at Phnom Bakheng - Temple a top the highest hilltop in Angkor. Great place to watch the sunset with a view of Angkor Wat (but it was cloudy sunset for us :()
  • You MUST have a private guide while there... you can't appreciate the stories without... reading a book is great for preparation, but you shouldn't have your nose stuck in it while walking around. Plus you can find a guide for only $25 US for the entire day and their English is very good
  • I strongly recommend a great, small, super cheap hotel (less than $20US for air conditioned rooms) - The Golden Mango. It is run by a local family in a old french home... they are personable and help set up everything for you. (They even dealt with us changing our flight info 3 times the same day they were picking us up)
narrow steps

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