Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Krabi, Thailand

  • Krabi has the most amazing beaches in Thailand... and Thailand some of the best beaches in South East Asia... and South East Asia has some of the best beaches in the world.
Our Itinerary
  • Railay Beach - is small peninsula off the coast of Krabi only accessible by long boat. We stayed there 2 nights, went to the three beaches (my favorite was Pranang Cave Beach). All the beaches are connected by trails... and there is a "hike"/rock climbing trail to a look out point. At night there are places to watch the sunset while drinking Thai beer - then watch Thai Boxing and fire dancing. We also walked out into the shallow water bays to look at the plankton that glow when you disturb the water.
  • Day 2 we went on a Boat trip to near by islands - There was a tiny glitch in our trip because of the typhoon in Taiwan... it made the waters in Krabi very choppy. So... we did not get to see Maya Bay (where the movie The Beach was shot), but we did get to go to Bamboo Island, Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi island (snorkeling off the coast)... among other places. There are companies offering packages all over the beaches - like this one
Little kid selling beer on Riley Beach
Monkeys that swim...
Look out point on Riley
Treacherous "trail" to get to look out point
Completely different landscape during low tide
Fire Dancer... extended exposure

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  1. Krabi is the best place around Thailand..i loved it!! i love the last picture. Awesome!