Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Home...

A few lessons learned from my summer in South East Asia:
  • Some of the busiest cities in the world (namely Hong Kong & Tokyo) are much quieter than being in any small town in the US. - The biggest culture shock I've had coming back to the States is getting used to everyone around me ALWAYS talking in english. Abroad massive groups of people sound like white-noise to an English-only speaker like me.
  • Living abroad brings you close to other people who want to live abroad. - This puts you in a position to meet some fascinating people who have a unique and challenging perspective on what could come from their own lives and experiences of the world.
  • It's said that our industry is full of egos and back-stabbing jerks... but I experienced the opposite at Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong. This summer has reinforced my love for advertising and the people in it.
  • Mangos are delicious... but beware of their poisonous peel and seed - no one warns you, but will make your face blow up in poison ivy blisters
  • Living, traveling, and working as a team in a foreign country where you know very few other people is straining on a relationship.... That being said... We had a great time, made some good work, got to see some amazing things... and still like each other :). Chris was a wonderful travel companion and teammate... I wouldn't change anything about our summer together. (Thanks Chris)
  • I could easily live in Hong Kong.
Thank you for listening this summer.
Feel free to pass along my blog as help to others traveling abroad.

(If you want to check out Chris' perspective on the summer - aka the witty commentary - go to )

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