Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tokyo, Japan

  • Tokyo is known for it's over populated streets, neon lights, and unique (often bizarre) subcultures.
Our Itinerary
  • Tsukiji Fish Market - The whole fam woke up at 4:30am to go to the famous fish market to watch an auction where thousands of pounds of tuna were sold. It was the first HUGE fish market I have ever seen that didn't smell of fish. Everything was very fresh... and very cold.
  • Asakusa Temple - Huge temple near where we had lunch
  • Japanese Shabu Shabu Lunch (even better than Japanese Sushi)
  • Maiji Shrine - In a lush forest in the middle of Tokyo... this is the most serene temple I have ever been too. (it was my favorite)
  • HachikĊ Square - Busiest intersection in the world. This was the only place in Toyko where I really felt the crowds. We had a bad dinner over looking the intersection (don't be a sucker for a good view here - it's not worth it). Then Sarah, Chris, and I went out to bars. Beware of the "Japanese only" clubs. We stumbled into one and were immediately kicked back out onto the street. Strange place.
  • Harajuku fashion - this eccentrically dressed subculture where heaps of eyeliner and all-year-round Halloween costumes are the norm... is quite the sight to see. Most of these teenage trendsetters are found around Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line.
  • Sumo Wrestling Museum - We didn't make it to a match because one of the big tournaments was just a few weeks before we got there... but we did get to see the museum - full of pictures, posters, and videos that teach you the classic moves and rules of Sumo.
  • Maid Cafe in Akihabara - This area is full of Japanamation, Anime, tiny toys, and crazy (slightly fetishized yet often completely innocent) costumes... We went to a Maid Cafe for drinks, dress-up, and a pirate game with the waitresses - really weird. Only in Tokyo.

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